Don’t get over your looks

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Don’t get over your looks

Liu Ting has just turned 15 this year. I’m afraid her closest friend now is her small mirror.

As long as you are free every day, take out the small mirror and take a closer look.

Liu Ting didn’t look serious. At first she also had a self-appreciating attitude to look in the mirror.

But after a long time, she began to “cross her nose and eyes” about her appearance.

She found that her facial features were “not ideal”: her eyes were too small, and her mouth was too big . so that she would not look alone in the mirror and “respect” herself for self-respect and pity.

She complained that her parents had inherited the bad genes to herself so that she could see people without “face”.

Therefore, there is always a rush of nagging in my heart . Ting Liuting and other cases are not seen among teenagers.

Research in developmental psychology shows that adolescence is a life stage in which people know themselves and are anxious to affirm themselves, and their external image is an important aspect of their self-evaluation, which is often ignored by adults.

They feel that their appearance is almost all the symbols of the ego, which is directly related to their part and dignity among their peers, so they cannot tolerate a little “error”.

As a result, they began to “find their faults” to study their appearance. Girls pay more attention to their looks, body and skin. They especially like to look in the mirror, either because their nose is too low, or because their head is too narrow.It’s a sick feeling.

Boys often worry that they think they are not tall enough, have blistering arms and are overweight.

In particular, they associate height with the image of a man, so short boys often have a deep sense of inferiority.

All these are the troubles of the “body consciousness” peculiar to adolescence, and they are almost all secretive.

  The famous American psychologist Marz in the early 20th century pointed out that most of the psychological obstacles to the appearance of young people are “fantastic ugliness” in their minds.

According to his survey of student work in American middle schools, about 90% of people are dissatisfied with their appearance.

This shows that most people have higher “expectations” about their appearance.

In particular, some young people always look at their appearance with an extremely critical eye, turning a bit of “ugly” on themselves into infinite exaggeration.

  People are very susceptible to self-suggestion when it comes to appearance.

If you first anticipate that some parts are a little wrong with a critical eye, you will see more and more wrong later, which will form a bad self-suggestion.

Li Fang was a girl in high school. When she was in junior high school, she faintly felt that her nose was a bit “flat” (actually quite normal). Since then, her nose has become restless.

Take photos of your nose every time you have time. The more you feel, the more you feel that there is a “problem” in your nose.

So she invented a simple “nose rhinoplasty”-pinching her nose just repeatedly. She pinched during class and pinched after class. It took 6 years to pinch.

As a result, a pretty little girl was pinched so that her nose was not a “nose”-it became swollen and inflamed.

  Establishing a good “self-intention” is the key to a healthy mind and a happy life.

Therefore, the appearance does not hinder the frank self-acceptance, that is, to accept his external image with a positive and recognized attitude, and eliminate all kinds of “bad information” attached to it, so as not to listen, believe, or create.

In a word, don’t trouble yourself.

Only by psychologically acknowledging and accepting your “natural conditions” can you further beautify yourself, like yourself, and let yourself wear the youthful beauty of birth.

Every boy and girl who is distressed by their appearance, please remember the title of this article: “Don’t get over your looks!