How to hydrate your skin

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How to hydrate your skin

Winter is a relatively dry season. During the winter, the human body suffers from a lot of water dehydration, and the skin is dry and easy to look old and unmotivated.

In order to hydrate the skin, most female friends will use various hydration methods, sometimes they will enter the misunderstanding of hydration, but make the skin drier. In fact, there are some clever tricks to hydrate, so let ‘s learn with the editorTake a look.

  How to replenish the skin: At any time, in a constant temperature environment, the environment is always prone to dehydration, so to keep it hydrated at all times when dry, you can prepare a bottle of moisturizing lotion in the office, and use a cotton pad to print the rest timeMoisturizes dry skin.

Be careful not to use mineral water or ordinary water, as they can easily evaporate and take away the skin’s original moisture, leaving the skin more dry.

  Step 2: Use a moisturizing mask if you don’t want the skin to be extremely dry. Fortunately, applying the moisturizing mask twice a week can completely change the phenomenon of dryness and tightness, improve the ability of the skin to resist drought, increase skin moisture, and speed up the skin.absorb nutrient.

Tips: The mask should not be applied for more than 20 minutes.

  Step 3: Applying moisturizing gel in many rooms is not ventilated. In addition, long-term exposure to the computer, radiation causes the skin to become imbalanced with water and oil. Therefore, after using moisturizing essence, you can apply a large amount of refreshing moisturizing gel.The dew, not only hydrates the skin, but also breathes, so that the skin can be kept hydrated throughout the day.

  Step 4: Drink plenty of water. The weather is dry in winter and the skin is particularly prone to dehydration. It is recommended to start hydrating from the skin surface. You can put a basin of water around to increase the humidity of the air.

In addition, you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day and replenish a sufficient amount of water to avoid skin dryness and dehydration to a certain extent.

  Step 5: Pay attention to skin cleansing. The skin state after work is exhausted and tired for a whole day, and it is covered with electrostatically adsorbed dirt and dust. All of these must be cleaned and the skin will be healthy.

One thing is to wash your face with warm water and use the cleansing milk instead of a cleansing function to thoroughly cleanse your face. Then apply a deep cleansing mask immediately to consolidate your skin care.

  Skin hydration coup trick one: drink a glass of cold water before taking a bath. Drink a glass of cold water before taking a bath. This is to effectively prevent a large amount of water loss in the human body during a bath.

Prevents rapid and rapid evaporation of moisture from the skin.

  Tip two: Make a moisturizing mask 2-3 times a week. Mask is a magic weapon for hydration. How can I lose the mask in winter skin care?

2-3 times a week, use a moisturizing mask to dry the baby’s skin, and it will quickly become moist.

  Coup three: Apply two pieces of fresh-keeping film on the mask and apply two pieces of fresh-keeping film up and down with the nostril as the boundary. The fresh-keeping film perfectly prevents the evaporation of water, so the beauty liquid is completely absorbed by the skin without waste, instead ofOne minute is enough to achieve the desired equivalent effect.

  Coup 4: Toner with moisturizing and moisturizing dry skin After every cleansing, use a lotion with powerful hydration function.

First use powder refreshing lotion for secondary cleaning, and then apply a layer of moisturizing lotion. Water and water are superimposed for better emollient effect.

  Tip 5: Try deep moisturizing treatments. Go to a beauty salon to do deep moisturizing treatments at least once a month. Although a little more expensive, it can quickly improve the dryness of the skin.

  Coup 6: When you go to bed before 12 o’clock, you will ask again, what does sleep have to do with moisturizing?

The knowledge is very big. After going to bed at 12 o’clock, the skin’s moisture will be drained out, so people who stay up all night have skin problems such as looseness and dehydration.

  Coup 7: Drinking a glass of red wine before bed has the effect of beauty and skin care. Drinking a glass of red wine before going to bed can not only speed up blood circulation, but also have a moisturizing effect on the skin. Moreover, red wine has antioxidant capacity and can delaysenescence.

  Hydrating Misunderstanding Hydrating Misunderstanding 1: Extensive use of moisturizing products In dry weather, sometimes even applying a lot of moisturizing products, the water will quickly evaporate, so using a lot of moisturizing products can not fundamentally solve the problem of dry skin, insteadIf skin care products are used too much, it may re-insert into pores and cause skin problems.

  Hydration Misunderstanding 2: Think that drinking a lot of water can hydrate, some people think that if you want skin hydration, you should drink more water, but it is not true.

Most people’s skin hydration is carried out in a sustainable external environment, and drinking water can only promote metabolism in the body, thereby detoxifying and reducing fire.

If you drink more water, it may sometimes take away electrolytes and minerals from the body, affecting the skin’s water-holding effect.

  Hydration Misunderstanding 3: Continuously taking a bath in the bathtub every day to replenish the natural sebaceous adenosine of the skin surface damage, which will lead to accelerated loss of oil and increase skin dryness.

It is better to take a shower in winter. The time of each bath should not exceed 15 minutes. If you take a bath, you should control the time within 20 minutes. After the bath, you can absorb moisturizing skin care products.

  Hydration Misunderstanding 4: Replenishing the mask in general In general, the mask is more of a serial “first aid” function. For skin rehydration, we cannot rely too much on a moisturizing mask, otherwise the skin will easily lose its protective ability and become dull and rough.Apply 2-3 times a week.

  Hydration Misunderstanding 5: Increase Exfoliation Although exfoliation helps to remove the dirt from the epidermis and help the skin regain its brilliance, if you replace exfoliation, it will help your stratum corneum to become thinner and thinner, eventually causing the skin’s water storage function to decline.As a result, the skin is susceptible to damage from the external environment.

  Conclusion: Dry weather in winter makes hydration a must-do for everyone. In winter, you can use a moisturizing mask to hydrate, but you ca n’t use it every day, because using a mask can make the skin and air replace, causing skin hypoxia.Instead, it is appropriate to prevent skin damage.