What to do if the baby has an erection or touches the vulva?

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What to do if the baby has an erection or touches the vulva?

What to do with genitals?

  A novice child will naturally find his reproductive organs when exploring various parts of the body.

Since touching it can create a pleasant feeling, children often touch it.

Although a boy may be accompanied by a penile erection, for a child, it is neither sexual nor emotional, and it seems a comfortable feeling. There is no reason to criticize, worry or be overly nervous.

  When the child touches the genitals, it can be told that it is not good to play with this part.

  At the same time, pay attention to: ① form good hygienic habits, keep the child’s perineum clean (use crotch pants or diapers as soon as possible) to avoid infection, and the boy should pay attention to whether the foreskin is too long and the glans is inflammation.Attention, such as letting the child ‘s attention shift to new activities, watching books or toys; ③ accompany the child to outdoor activities and games to make the child have a little interest; ④ wait for the child to grow up and teach him about privacy and shynessthe concept of.

  Is it often sick to have your legs crossed?

  Infants and young children sometimes have the habit of rubbing the perineum (external genital area). This kind of leg rubbing is called leg rubbing syndrome.

More common in young children after the age, girls are more common than boys.

  The cause may be local irritation, which is more common in perineal eczema, parasites, tsutsugamushi, foreskin, etc., which rubs due to itching and gradually develops into habitual movements.

  This habitual movement mainly occurs before bedtime, after waking up or playing alone. Children lying on the bed often show their legs straight, cross inwardly, and sometimes with leg rubbing actions. Older children can show their legs.Ride your legs on a stool or some hard object.

  When children rub their legs, their eyes are gaze, their face is flushed, their forehead sweats, their hands are fisted or they hold things hard, the girl’s vulva is congested, secretions increase and / or labial pigmentation increases, and the boy has an erect penis.

Exposure can be stopped by external factors.

  If the child’s intelligence is normal, he is awake during the attack, and his EEG is normal, which can be distinguished from epilepsy.

  Correction: ① Remove the cause.

Children usually wear loose pants and should not wear too much to reduce local irritation. Wear full crotch pants to avoid touching the external genitals; develop the habit of going to bed when tired and getting up after waking up; pay attention to external genital hygiene.No parasitic disease or phimosis.

  ② Psychotherapy.

When a child is doing a leg rubbing action, don’t scold or punish harshly, you should gently separate your legs to divert their attention. When the child is bored, you can play with him and do more outdoor activities, such as swimming and playing basketball.