Several articles recommended by mothers

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Several articles recommended by mothers

Mothers take care of all sorts of trivia, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, sleeping, etc., and a handy baby product can make childcare a lot easier.

  Portable snack divider Lei Leibao recommends reason: Portable snack divider is particularly convenient to use when going out.

We usually take Lei Lei to my grandma’s house today and to go to the house tomorrow when it’s time for a holiday or New Year’s Day. Every time I go out, I move like a big bag of clothes, diapers, food, drinks .There are such separation boxes that can carry baby’s milk powder, beef floss, glucose and so on.

The three partition boxes have a very good sealing effect. Each partition box can be removed separately and can be freely combined. One or two partition boxes can be carried separately, which is really convenient and hygienic.

  Where to buy: Carrefour Supermarket (bought with milk powder) MSN waterproof rechargeable hair clipper. I bought a MSN waterproof rechargeable hair clipper for my baby. It is easy to use and easy to operate.

At the beginning, the baby was curious in the future. She reached out and wanted to grab it. It was very uncooperative. I took a toy he liked to distract him. After a while, I gave my baby a good haircut.

Their own hairdressers don’t have to worry about whether the scissors in the barbershop are clean, let alone their babies with hair on their faces.

  Where to buy: Mail order price of Xiaokang House Price: 87 yuan Portable umbrella handle children’s carHeavy, not suitable for moving around.

Today’s families basically live in buildings, and it is inconvenient to move up and down when taking a walk with your baby every day.

  Later, I chose a portable umbrella handle stroller. Many brands are very good.

It is very convenient to store, even if it is not stored, it is easy to carry. It is not difficult to hold the baby in one hand and carry the car in one hand, which is very practical.

The car body has anti-shock design, with safety belts and guardrails to ensure safety, pedals to allow the baby to put his feet, wheels to turn easily, and a sunshade canopy.

  Babies do a lot of outdoor sports. Even if he is very young, he can go out for a walk and bask in the sun every day when he can’t walk, so this car is recommended.

In the future, when the baby is unwilling to go, especially when it is entangled with people, the advantages of this car will be even more obvious.