Urban faces cool

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Urban faces “cool”

There are a lot of “friends” in the modern dinner.
On the surface, there is no one pushing the cup to change the heart.
The buzz at the wine table, like the Wall Street stock market, is false prosperity.
After waking up, the foam burst.
Only ghosts believe in “iron feelings, drinking and vomiting blood”, “one shot of wine glass, one’s own promise” asshole.
“There are few confidantes in every thousand glasses of wine.”
One word expresses the depression of the times.
This misreading reads out profound humanity.
  The number of “friends” is increasing, but the quality is getting worse.
Wuhua Club-everything is weak, not just friends, even husband and wife.
  Unstable security feels that some people are in a hurry at the door of the book shopping center, their mobile phones are out of power, and they have suffered countless eyeslessness when borrowing text messages from passersby.
The encounter of the “Monetary School” is actually normal. After all, his behavior is the same as that of many scammers-the media pushed the boat with the water and called the precautionary social ecology a “shrinking society.”
  The background of “Kui Shing Society-Meeting” is the security you most easily miss.
In ruthless cities, in addition to thieves, security nets and security doors block your neighbors—Guangzhou calls for “one change every three years”. It invested 300 million yuan in one year and once disassembled 7.18 million square meters;But three years later, people in Guangzhou are still happy to install stainless steel “inner nets” for bedroom windows.
  Some experts selected the controversial “Top Ten Most Senseful Cities in China”, followed by Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Xinyu, Guilin, Meizhou, Zhoushan, and Weihai.
Judging from the ranking, the sense of security is not directly related to the crime rate. More often, how many friends, high or low house prices, business atmosphere, urban environment, quality of life, wealth, humanities, and employment opportunities can make your sense of security happenShake-No wonder some people say that multiple acquaintances have multiple paths, and buying a house is only for a sense of security.
  This is the defensive paradox that belongs to this urban dating-you need to get a sense of belonging, presence and security from more friends, but you who are cringe because of lack of these are the people who are most difficult to make friends.
  消失的公共空间  在发生偶遇新朋友的剧情之前,你先需要更多的公共空间——中国的内地房地产商开始把四合院当高端产品,皆因四合院有利于人际交往的功能,让邻里亲密无间;Danish “collective housing” is popular. Families of different occupations and classes share living rooms, dining rooms, and activity rooms. It is said that they can form a happy family.
  Do you expect city planners to use the spirit of the quadrangle to carry out a humane transformation of public space for convenient communication, and let people see the moving scene of friendly conversation everywhere-Hong Kong’s universities have HALL culture, and lonely cities should also have HALL culture;The city of high-density housing and huge ShoppingMall is an inhumane city. Squares, pedestrian streets, and parks are the living rooms of the city.
Unfortunately, the high land price is enough to break the illusion of Chinese-Chinese people. More people are still struggling for their homes. The ideal life of feeding pigeons in the square near your home is still far away from you.
  This is the paradox of planning for urban dating–you think that the public space in the plan is never enough, and you want to build a cheap house in that empty land; you imagine that you should have a cozy public space with your neighbors, but you also want toAdd another private room to your home.
  The false high friendship CPI “Three Friends for the Benefits, Three Friends for the Loss”, the American drama ABC TV series “Women’s Gang” tells the story of the four “Friends” in the metropolis-they live in Manhattan and graduated from “Ivy”Famous schools, fame and fortune, dressed in high fashion, go in and out of high-end places, small groups help each other, open up and help themselves.
  Gangsters are indeed the best weapon against the brutal city-the heroine Mia squeezed out her fiance as a competitor for a position, and even lost her marriage right away, but she did not have any self-examination, as long as a close partyJust break my tears and laugh.
  Although the audience are teachers and nuns who are not involved in petty bourgeois life, soap operas can always express the urban ideal of those who struggle alone.
Gu Long said: “Although it is difficult to make friends between women, women always sympathize with women because they feel that as long as they are women, they deserve sympathy.
“Using this theorem to analyze women’s gangs is superficial. Some young women in Shanghai have seen the nature of this relationship and announced in their blog that they have found the strongest friendship in the cosmopolitan city-they cannot be like-minded, at least right.
  This is the paradox of purity in urban dating-true friendship is priceless, but in a big competitive city, everyone, including you, has a price.
  昂贵的时间成本  有北京市民统计并抱怨过一件事情:他从自家居住的小区到马路对面的超市买些日用品,必须采取以下步骤:步行10分钟到小区大门、右拐向东走200米、It took more than 30 minutes to cross a 180-meter-long pedestrian bridge and turn back 200 meters westward to get to a destination that is only a short distance from the community.
  In a fast city that emphasizes efficiency, slow life is only suitable for unemployed young people or literati.
Citizens have too many enemies of time: a blocked road with only two lanes, an unscientific work order, a non-nutritive conversation, a rotten movie that makes you feel that your life has been extended, and one that always calls youThe boss who picks up his son from school, a game that you do n’t want to play but play every day, is enough to cause your schedule to be tight.
  So, how much time do you have to find yourself, to talk to you?
The founder and entrepreneur of the American Enlightenment, Franklin, in his “The Way to Wealth” compiles the muzzling motto: “Time is money”. When you live in a type A city that believes in the creed of time, will you not knowUnconsciously make a profitable calculation of your friends’ time?
  This is the last paradox of urban dating-when you have time, you have no friends; when you have friends, you have no time.
  The Distress of Communication in the Age of Materialization: What’s the Shortest in the 21st Century?
  The number of “friends” is increasing, but the quality is getting worse.
Wuhua Club-everything is weak, not just friends, even husband and wife.
  Chinese New Year blessing messages, this year is 17 billion, an increase of 40%.New Year’s Day texting to hand hemp is formalism in the new century.

Similar to the 2008 stock market, the surface is booming and the bottom is tightening.

  What is the maximum number of friends humans can “bear”?

The result of scientific research is “150”.

There are too many practical friends and too few spiritual friends in our mobile phone directory.

Of the more than a hundred text messages you sent, some two were true friends, enough.

  Alternating social flows, changes in the same age group, indifference in the physical interface of the city, and “cooling” of the faces of urban people are called modernization.

Under the surface scenery is the materialized society-society relationship, and the proliferation of “friends” depreciates, which is inevitable.

Nian Weier faded out of a bird, the friendship between friends was like a text message.

  Materialization Society-The characteristics of the meeting: The word with the most negotiating form on the “tool” meal of friends is “Enough friends”.

If you ca n’t do it, you are “not enough friends”.

Friends become tools for business.

  The toolization of friends devalues the concept of “friends”. The number of “friends” is increasing, but the quality is getting worse.

Depend on parents at home and friends on the go.

Alumni parties talk about life from time to time, and talk about money.

Start by exchanging business cards and end business.

The classmates realized that the emotional blending was reduced to the relationship blending.

  In the past 30 years, Chinese-Chinese people have made up the market economics class. In some places, we are more western than the West.

Contemporary Chinese-Chinese people use the so-called “instrumental rationality” of social-sociologists to the extreme. The “instrumental rationality” knife breaks the superstition worship of the pre-reform period, and at the same time cuts the remaining traditional moral relations.

MLM starts by killing acquaintances, doing business to find investments by acquaintances, and borrowing money to buy stocks to find acquaintances.

As a result, there was one less “friend” when looking for one.

A famous quote from modern people is that the best way to think of betrayal is to ask them to borrow money.

  The subprime mortgage crisis stems from human greed, and the new US president has acknowledged that they all have a share.

Market greed gains legitimacy in the name of tool innovation, “Wall Street-style financial innovation.”

“Instrument innovation” abounds not only on Wall Street, but also in “student” market economy countries.

It took China 30 years to pass the 300 years in the West until the “poisoned milk powder” incident broke out and all public morals and beliefs returned to zero.

The development of instrumental rationality predicted Max Weber’s prediction 100 years ago: “Experts have no soul, and indulgencers have no heart and soul.”

The market economy has even brought richness and freedom to human society like never before, but the basic value that supports it contains the power to make it self-destruct.

  French funny movie “My Best Friend” tells how difficult it is for a true friend: a successful middle-aged antique merchant, with a beautiful apartment, a beautiful lover, and a lot of money, betting that if he is inIf you can’t make a real friend within ten days, you turn to a Greek antique vase bought at a high price and lose it.

He made a list and eliminated them one by one. There were no good friends. All of them used relationships. This was the “highest state” of instrumental rationality.

Successful people are inherently lonely, and things like selfless friendship do not exist in their dictionary.

  In China today, time is money, and efficiency is life.

Social relationships are transformed into money, efficiency, and acquaintances are naturally instrumented.

An “acquaintance” is someone who can eat, and a stranger is someone you can’t eat or don’t let you eat.

  Going out with friends, friends become extensions of family members.

In this sense, Chinese-Chinese people cannot make friends in the workplace. The workplace is always guarded, political, and profitable, and cannot become an enlarged family.

Unless the workplace is turned into a family relationship, there are not many examples of this except family business, and it will be difficult to last long.

  Americans recently ravaged China-China online, saying that the five major shortcomings of Chinese-Chinese people determine the “tragic fate” of China-China.

One of them is “Chinese-Chinese people lack integrity and social-social responsibility”: Chinese-Chinese people only care about their families and relatives, and Chinese-Chinese culture is based on family kinship rather than a rational social-social foundationAbove.

China has never become a legal society. China-China is a face-to-face society.  Friends are definitely enlarged relatives, so-called relatives and friends.

Going out with friends, they are an essential part of China-China Insurance Company.

This is the situation today, and Americans justify it.

But ancient rituals are not so vulgar, “five constants” means benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith. “Faith” is a code of conduct among friends, not a business, not a benefit.

If the Chinese can return the letter of a friend to a friend, and then promote it to the whole society-meeting, presumably will be able to jump out of the “tragic fate” approved by the Americans.