Successful men most want to marry certain women

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Successful men most want to marry certain women

A “wealthy marriage party” with a claimed price of 100,000 tickets was antiqued in a palace in Jingdong.

The men who participated in the event came from all over the country and their personal assets have exceeded 100 million. The youngest is 26 and the oldest is 46.

A male guest at the scene said in an interview, “I am 40 years old and I have a double master’s degree in science from the United Kingdom. I currently run a financial software company in Shanghai and hold a US green card.

I know that many people outside ca n’t understand why those of us who look good do n’t have girlfriends. Actually, emotionally, our situation is definitely not as smooth as the outside imagination . ”The rich man said that he was weak,It seems incredible.

  However, an event I participated in not long ago unexpectedly triggered some proof of this view.

  It was a “character covenant” event organized by, China’s largest dating site. It was mainly a large-scale draft for high-end members to solve their marriage difficulties.

According to the organizer, the participants were enthusiastic. Hundreds of thousands of women registered in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, etc., and there were 10,000 single women participating in online and offline trials.An evaluation team composed of experts in various fields such as marriage, psychology, and fashion investigated various aspects such as personality, culture, etiquette, and ability cultivation, and finally selected twenty charming young ladies to participate in the finals in Beijing.

When I went, the contest had been eliminated from twenty beauties to ten.

  What interest me is not these beauties who have won many battles, but the men in rows and rows of suits sitting in the stands.

The organizers told me that these men are the “public judges” of this draft, and everyone has the right to vote.

They were originally customers who went to for matchmaking services.

When judges must have strong indicators: single, aged between 30 and 40, annual income must not be less than 300,000.

  I couldn’t help looking at such a crowd.

  From an outsider’s perspective, the activity was quite interesting.

In addition to those aesthetic indicators in the general draft, the audience and the beauties on the stage think there are other plans.

In addition to socially popular aesthetics, these “public judges” must be mixed with selection criteria for future wives.

Therefore, very hot scenes will appear from time to time during the interaction.

Some men have actively stepped onto the stage to participate. They have obviously seen the world, talked confidently, and reported a seductive halo: IT industry managers, investment company executives, real estate bosses, etc.
From their enthusiastic participation, they can polish the urgent expectation of a happy marriage.

  In recent years, I have continued to pay attention to marriage and love, and have helped many people get out of their emotional difficulties. In general, most of the people who asked me for help were women, mostly women.

To be more precise, there are quite a few female invasions that originate from the derailment of her husband, and men who become successful will become bad if they become rich. This is the general consensus of the society.

The first time I saw so many successful young men and women together to solve their “marital problems”, they turned to modern matchmaking services for a new experience.

Do they still have the difficulty of getting married?

  What made me a little bit more concerned was an argument put forward by From the perspective of humanistic care for marriage, “the rich are also vulnerable.””The high profile shown in the ad is very different from domineering.

This kind of “low-key” with ridicule is obviously a more rational statement.

My friend told me that just two days before this event, had just held the “Glamorous Dating” large blind date event. The ticket was only 23888 yuan. As a result, nearly 100 high-end people with annual income of more than one million participated.Much more than the organizers expected.

  An “Old Wang” admits: Being a boss is actually very hard, and he is almost closed by work.

I went out by car and got off at the reception. The business entertainment was to go to the restaurant for dinner and go to the bar for drinks.

In these places, it is difficult to meet the right person.

It is also said that lack of time is an important reason, and being rich is another inconvenience that is difficult to explain.

These rich people really can’t see whether the other person is looking at their own money or their own people?

  These remarks are obviously convincing.

After knowing my identity, another “Wang Laowu” who participated in the event spoke frankly about his confusion.

He is less than forty years old, has a net worth of over one hundred million yuan, and with worldly eyes, he is regarded as a standard diamond-grade fifth old man.

I asked him about the basic conditions of marriage, and he listed a few, such as youth, appearance, education, character, artistic taste, family, willingness to have children, etc., which were not unreasonable.

I asked him which ones were the most corrupt. He said that jealousy can’t be too strong, because business must be social, and his wife can’t supervise like a police officer.

  Also, the previous emotional experience should not be too complicated.

Next, he hesitated and said: too rich and expensive should be ruled out.I ask why?

He said: Too expensive, that is, the parents have a certain official position, which is a good thing in the near future, but now the corrupt officials in the official world share the same situation.

I nodded and asked: What’s so bad about being too rich?

Isn’t it better for you to do business?

He shook his head: Being rich again means sleeping in a bed and eating a meal, but what one can enjoy is actually very limited.

The rich family’s growth environment is too superior, too coquettish and afraid of getting along in the future.

  He told me that, as a VIP member of, he had introduced too many excellent girls to him, but he would be embarrassed before each blind date. The biggest tired “really” is that I do n’t know what the girl really likes him.

He said he was a little “blind”.

I laughed and said: Fortune is your greatest advantage, but you ca n’t rest assured that girls attracted by this advantage. You want the other person to value you more, not your rich or poor; but you startThe signboard is primarily wealth; this is itself a paradox.

  After the event, the organizer asked me what I thought, and several old Wangs also asked me for suggestions.

I said what I meant.

Marriage is also an investment, and it can be a lifelong investment.

Making such an important long-term investment requires not only vision but also patience.

Ordinary mind is important.

As long as you make the right choice, there will always be someone who is right for you.

Even the rich have difficulties in blind dates, but it shows that people can’t yet treat wealth with ordinary minds, and that the maturity of such social rationality must take time.