Muscle injuries are most likely to result from improper exercise

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Muscle injuries are most likely to result from improper exercise

Sports and fitness seem to have been integrated into the lives of urbanites — if you are fat, you must exercise for slimness; if you are thin, you must exercise for fullness; if you are not fat, you also exercise for health.

  However, did you know that improper exercise can not only reduce weight, weight loss, fitness effects, but also cause harm to the body.

If the form of exercise is too singular, it may also cause “special” injuries.

  Joints are easy to be injured without preparation before exercise. Every time when playing badminton, Mr. Wang rarely does pre-exercise preparation activities. He goes directly to the field, and his Achilles tendon broke last week.

  Most sports injuries are caused by violations of the laws of exercise.

Many people start high-intensity exercise without preparation, because the nervous system and muscles and other organs are not ready, which can easily cause damage to muscles, joints, ligaments, and even fractures.

  The correct exercise law is: from easy to difficult, from weak to strong, make adequate preparations before exercise, so that all parts of the body are “activated”.

  Improper exercise muscles are the most vulnerable parts of the body, mainly driven by the muscles attached to the bones and joints. Therefore, during exercise, muscles are the most vulnerable parts.

  ”Every sport is inseparable from muscle exercise, so it is not surprising that muscles are most vulnerable to injuries,” said Director Zheng. “The most common cases of muscle injuries are muscle soreness, muscle strain, and muscle fractures.”

“Muscle soreness is the mildest of muscle injuries.

It usually appears after exercise. This is because the sharp increase in muscle tension and elasticity during exercise causes physical damage to the muscle structure, or the increase in metabolism during exercise causes the toxicity of metabolic waste to tissues to increase.Failure to keep up can cause lactic acid accumulation and can also stimulate the nervous system to produce soreness.

  Treatment measures: mainly relax and massage the muscles after exercise. If the muscles of people who exercise often have sore muscles, they should aim at the amount of exercise.

  Muscle strain mainly refers to injuries caused by tearing of muscle fibers.

  Treatment measures: You can put ice or cold towel on the painful area and keep it for 30 minutes, so that the small blood vessels can be contracted, which will not cause congestion and edema in the injured area.

Never rub and apply heat.

  Muscle contraction tension is commonly known as cramps, a phenomenon that can not be alleviated and relaxed by tonic muscle contraction.

Generally, muscle fractures occur in situations such as inadequate preparation, excessive vertical movement, and excessive exercise time.

  Treatment measures: If the muscle tension is not serious, it can be treated by traction.

Use the opposite force to slowly and evenly traction. During the traction, it is necessary to properly cooperate with massage and kneading to relieve the fracture.

If you are paralyzed during swimming, don’t panic. Rise to the surface immediately, traction your neck extension limbs, and go ashore after remission.

  Sports also need to be diversified. Sports are based on personal interests, but experts suggest that sports should also be diversified to avoid long-term single-sports activities, which cause exclusive “occupational injuries” for individual projects.

  ”Now there are not many projects that can be carried out due to the limitation of the venue and equipment,” said Director Zheng. “Badminton and tennis are many people’s favorite projects, but long-term doing these two projects can easily cause ‘tennis elbow’.

“Tennis elbow” refers to a kind of pain in the elbow joint. It is more common in the majority of tennis and badminton enthusiasts. Due to the chronic strain caused by the continuous contraction of the wrist muscles during play, the elbow pain is intolerable, especiallyMore severe when moving the wrist.

  In order to avoid the formation of “tennis elbow”, pay attention to strengthening the strength connection of the muscles of the wrist extensions, and wear elbow and wrist guards during exercise to protect the muscles of the relevant parts.