What are the benefits and benefits of passion fruit?

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What are the benefits and benefits of passion fruit?

Passion fruit is a fruit that many people love to eat. It tastes delicious, and it is also very fragrant when soaked in water.

Do you know what other functions and effects of passion fruit besides being delicious?

Let’s take a look below.

The effect of passion fruit, passion fruit is suitable for some people.

What is the nutritional value of passion fruit, and learn about the different ways to eat passion fruit.

  Passion Fruit’s Efficacy and Function Passion Fruit has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, promotes blood circulation, strengthens body fat, lowers blood pressure and lowers blood pressure, nourishes yin and kidneys, refreshes the body, relieves fatigue, detoxifies and enhances the immune system, and enhances the vitality of health and other health effects.

  1. Anti-inflammatory passion fruit is a multivitamin fruit.

Eating more passion fruit can lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, and prevent arteriosclerosis. Passion fruit can also effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and expel toxins from the body.

Improving the body’s nutritional absorption has a very significant effect.

It has a special elimination effect on gastroenteritis, colitis and hemorrhoids.

  2. The detoxification and beauty mechanism purifies the body, avoids the deposition of harmful substances in the body, and the boots can improve the skin and beautify the face.

  3. Shape the body mechanism. Passion fruit can increase the feeling of fullness in the stomach and reduce the transfer of excess metastasis. It can also adsorb organic molecules such as plasma and bile, and inhibit the human body from absorbing it to adults.

Therefore, long-term consumption is conducive to improving the nutritional absorption structure of the human body, reducing abnormalities in the body, and shaping a healthy and beautiful body.

Passion fruit contains a large number of 165 compounds, 17 amino acids and anti-cancer active ingredients, which can transplant cells to age, become cancerous, have anti-aging and beauty effects.

  4. The aroma of passion fruit is very strong, and the taste is sweet and sour.

After eating, it can increase appetite and promote digestion.

The rich vitamin C in the plasma of passion fruit can effectively participate in plasma metabolism, reduce plasma, and purify the blood.

In addition, the carotene, VC, and SOD enzymes contained in passion fruit can clear free radicals in the body and help to improve the anti-aging effect.

  Passion fruit is suitable for people who have stomach problems and people who are allergic to passion fruit. Passion fruit can be eaten by ordinary people, including pregnant women and infants. It can supplement nutrition and is good for the body.

  1. Passion fruit has a good inhibitory effect on sore throat, periodontitis, acne, stomach problems, hemorrhoids, etc.

For those who like to drink, it is claimed to be a particularly effective sober drink, with rapid results.

Venous hypertension has special effects.

  2, work, stressful friends are very suitable for passion fruit.

Passion fruit contains nicotinic acid, an essential element for cellular respiration, and can participate in the body’s metabolic functions.

Prevent depression.

Passion fruit can effectively relieve stress, depression, and headaches caused by worries.

It has comprehensive mental stability for the central nervous system.

  3, insomnia, worried people can eat passion fruit.

Passion Fruit Treatment can treat insomnia, induce natural sleep and deep sleep, eliminate headaches, dizziness, etc .; relieve anxiety and tension, depression and depression, headaches caused by nervousness, frequent urination, palpitation; smoking, pain, etc .; relieve nerve tension andAll discomfort caused by extreme anxiety; improvement of extremely low mood and excessive mental anxiety.

  Passion Fruit’s Nutritional Value Passion fruit’s juice has excellent color, aroma, taste and nutrition. Essentially the human body has more than 160 useful ingredients such as 17 amino acids, multiple vitamins, and trace elements. It is suitable for the production of fruit juice, jelly, and dew.Jam and other products.

  Passionfruit contains 30% fruit juice?
35%, the rich aroma of fruit juice and dozens of fruits, replacing vitamins and organic acids, and replacing sugar is a good food to eliminate summer heat.

Fruit juice is particularly rich in nutrition.

According to scientific analysis, there are 15 total sugars per 100 grams of passion fruit juice.

2 grams, total acid 4 grams, protein 1.

36 grams, aunt 1.

22 grams, 24 phosphorus.

6 mg, 30 mg calcium, 227 mg potassium, vitamin A1.
3 mg of vitamin B1.
25 mg, vitamin C 70 mg, organic acid content of about 3%, 17 kinds of amino acids, accounting for 20% of the amino acid content required by the human body.

Eggfruit Passion Fruit is very rich in natural vitamin C. Vitamin C is 34 in every 100 grams of fruit juice.

6 mg, may also be vitamin A, B1, B2, etc. In addition, it is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and various amino acids and other substances and trace elements.

  Eggs, preserved fruits, organic acids, nicotinic acid, amino acids, linoleic acid, minerals, β-carotene, lycopene, absorbable fiber, alkaloids, flavonoids and more than 160 kinds of necessary and beneficial ingredients for the human body, which are health care and medicinalA high value natural food.

  Egg fruit juice contains 165 compounds that make up a special aroma.

Frequently eaten egg fruit has refreshing, refreshing beauty, refreshing and quenching thirst, helping digestion, reducing phlegm and cough, alleviating constipation, promoting blood circulation and strengthening, improving human immune function, nourishing yin and kidney, eliminating fatigue, lowering blood pressure and fat, delaying aging, anti-agingThe efficacy of hypertension.

The roots, stems, and leaves of the egg fruit have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and reduce lipids and blood pressure.

  Egg fruit contains fruit acid, edible fiber, which acts on the digestive system and has a good effect on loss of appetite, bloating and constipation.

  Egg fruit contains vitamin E and lycopene, which can not be underestimated on the role of the reproductive system. After eating in the middle-aged and elderly people who urinate too many nights, the frequency of waking up at night is significantly reduced.

  Passion fruit roots, stems, and leaf phospholipids are used in medicine, which have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, promoting blood circulation, strengthening the body, nourishing yin and kidney, and reducing blood pressure and blood pressure.

  Seed oil content of about 25%, can squeeze clean and irritating oil.

The oiled bran cake can be used as feed and fertilizer.

Peel can extract pectin, which is an excellent stabilizer and thickener for food processing.

  Passion fruit eating method 1, directly eat passion fruit 1/3 cut, cut with a spoon to dig the flesh directly, because passion fruit seeds are difficult to separate, you can chew and eat, crunchy can increase the taste.

  To make fruit juice, take a passion fruit, cut it open, pour the flesh into a cup with a spoon, add water, add any sugar, honey, etc. to adjust the sweetness, and stir to get a glass of color, aroma and taste of nutritious fruit juice.

  In addition to extracting pectin, medicinal ingredients and processed feed, nutshells can also be used in making wine or tea, and cooking samples.

  2. Divide the fruit into two, make it into a cup, add rock sugar, and soak in boiling water for 6 minutes.

  Raising the flavor of the soup: After washing the whole fruit and adding it to the soup, the flavor of the soup can be raised to make the soup taste better.

  Passion Fruit Tips: Passion fruit should not be stored in a sealed container, it can be kept fresh in the refrigerator, and it should not be frozen. It is best to leave the fruit naked and ventilated. The prescription is not easy to deteriorate.

The husk appears sunken, and dryness is normal, but the fruit is sweeter.

  Summary: Passion fruit is always delicious and rich in flavor. I never imagined that there would be so many functions and nutrients.

And there are no contraindications to passion fruit.

Except for those who have stomach problems, and those who are allergic to passion fruit, they are not allowed to eat, including pregnant women and children.

Passion fruit is rich in vitamins, carotene and other nutrients, so passion fruit not only tastes delicious, but also promotes digestion and delays aging through beauty.

The lady who loves beauty wants to eat more.