[How long does it take for Xiaomi to cook _ how long does Xiaomi porridge boil]

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[How long does it take for Xiaomi to cook _ how long does Xiaomi porridge boil]

Millet is the most ideal food to nourish the human body. Millet contains many kinds of vitamins and minerals needed by the human body, especially the content of protein and calcium in millet is very high, which is especially suitable for maternal consumption.But, it ca n’t be cooked for too long. If you cook for too long, it will easily cause the nutrition loss of millet. How long will the millet porridge last?

First, how long does it take to cook millet porridge?

How to cook millet porridge: 1. First, take an appropriate amount of millet and set aside.

2. After washing the millet, soak it in a bowl for about 30 minutes.

3, pour millet into the soup pot, and then add an appropriate amount of red dates, wolfberry and the like in the pot, you can add things according to your needs.

4, and then cook on a low fire for about an hour, and then use a spoon to stir in the pot to prevent millet from sticking to the pot.

5. After cooking for about ten minutes, we can add the right amount of cooking oil and turn to low heat. In this way, the millet porridge will be more fragrant and delicious.

6. After the millet porridge is almost cooked, we can add an appropriate amount of sugar and open the casserole to stir constantly. The porridge in the pot is getting denser and denser for 10 minutes, until the porridge becomes sticky.

How old can a baby eat millet porridge for less than 4 months? Babies need 100 per kilogram of body weight per day?
120 kcal of energy, mainly from breast milk, milk or formula.

Babies under 4 months are not recommended to add extra high-carb foods (except millet porridge oil), otherwise digestive disorders will be disturbed.

Among the complementary foods that a baby can add, an important source of accessories is grain.

It is recommended to add millet porridge oil initially, ready to eat.

There is a layer of oil on top of millet porridge, which is rice oil.

Li Shizhen said that “rice oil is the ginseng soup for the poor.”

I once contacted a newborn in Beijing who was a premature baby and could n’t eat anything. Finally, my mother gave him a small bottle of thick rice soup to drink. Now she is a very healthy big baby.

Millet porridge oil is rich in energy vitamin b, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and increase appetite.

Any improvement on congenital insufficient development of the spleen and stomach, or the relief of diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, teething discomfort and other conditions caused by the unreasonable dietary structure of the day after tomorrow, is very helpful and is a highly recommended universal food therapy.

Second, the skills of cooking millet porridge: 1, soaking: soak the rice with cold water for half an hour before porridge, so that the rice grains swell.

Bring the benefits 1: boil the porridge to save time; 2, it will turn in the same direction when it is stirred; 3, the porridge is cooked, the taste is good.

2, boiled water pot: everyone’s consensus is cold water porridge, but the real connoisseur is to boil porridge with water, why?

You must have had the experience of cooking porridge in cold water?

There is no such phenomenon in boiling water pot, and it saves time compared to cold water congee.

3, the heat: first boil with a high fire, and then turn to a low heat to cook for about 30 minutes.

Don’t underestimate the change in size of the fire, the aroma of porridge comes out immediately!

4. Stirring: It turned out that when we were cooking the porridge, we were afraid of the bottom of the porridge. Now there is no substitute for cold water to make the bottom of the porridge. Why should we stir it?

In order to “thicken”, that is to make the rice grains full and the grains crispy.

The stirring technique is: stir a few times when opening the underwater pot, cover the pot until the heat is boiling for 20 minutes, and start stirring continuously for about 10 minutes, until the pan is thick and thick.

5, some oil: do you need to put oil in the porridge?

Yes, a small amount of salad oil is added at about 10 minutes after the porridge is modified, and you will find that not only the finished porridge is bright in color, but also the entrance is fresh and smooth.