Men should keep in mind after fitness 4

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Men should keep in mind after fitness 4

First, if you can’t take a break immediately, if you stop and rest immediately after exercise, the rhythmic contraction of the muscles will stop.Palpitation, shortness of breath, dizziness, paleness, and even shock and fainting.

  Second, do not immediately take a shower. If you take a cold water bath immediately after exercise, the blood vessels will immediately contract due to sudden stimulation, and the blood circulation will increase. At the same time, the body’s resistance will decrease, and people will become ill.

For example, taking a hot bath intensifies the blood flow inside the skin, excessive blood flows into the muscles and skin, causing insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, lightheadedness, dizziness, and severe prolapse, and other chronic diseases.
  Third, it is not advisable to eat a lot of sugar. Some people feel that eating sweets or sugar water is very comfortable after eye movements. They think that eating sweets after exercise is good. In fact, eating too much sweets after exercise consumes a lot of vitamin b1 in the body.Feeling burnout, loss of appetite, etc., affect the recovery of physical strength.

Therefore, it is best to eat more foods containing vitamin b1 after each exercise, such as vegetables, liver, eggs and other foods.

  Fourth, the body function of the human body will be in a state of excitement after exercise. If you drink alcohol, pay attention to the conversion of the body to absorb the alcohol content and enter the blood, which will be more harmful to the liver, stomach and other organisms than usual.

It can cause fatty liver, cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, dementia and other diseases for a long time.

Even drinking beer after exercise is not good, it will increase the uric acid in the blood, cause great irritation of the joints, and trigger arthritis.