[Is it fat to eat cherries at night?

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】 _Evening_Can you eat

[Is it fat to eat cherries at night?
】 _Evening_Can you eat

Some obese people think that it is because they have the habit of snacking at night, which leads to excessive physical conditions.

In fact, there are two aspects to this. First, if the food you eat at night does not contain high concentrations and is easy to digest, it will not easily lead to weight gain.

First, if you always eat high-conversion foods such as puffed food at night, you may gain weight.

So, is it fat to eat cherries at night?

First, do you gain weight by eating cherries? 1, the iron content of cherries ranks first among fruits, which can prevent anemia well.

It is not only bright and beautiful, but also eaten. For women, eating more has the effect of beauty and prevention of gynecological diseases.

Cherry kernels contain cyanide, which degrades to produce cyanic acid, which may cause symptoms of poisoning if eaten by mistake.

Cherries are a well-known beauty product.

2, supplement, the iron content of cherries is the highest in fruits, more than 20 times that of citrus, pears and apples, so edible cherries have the effect of promoting hemoglobin regeneration and preventing cancer.

Cherries are beneficial for qi, rheumatism, rash, detoxification.

Cherry wine is secreted in an appropriate amount to stimulate blood circulation and nourish the skin.

Cherry tree leaves also have functions of warming the stomach, stopping bleeding, and detoxifying.

Eating more cherry can make the skin really delicate and elastic!

Don’t worry about getting fat.

Second, the nutritional value of cherries 1.

Incite measles.

When measles is epidemic, implanting cherry juice in children can prevent infection.

Cherry pits have a detoxifying effect of sweating, rash and detoxification.


Qufeng wins dampness and kills insects.

Cherries are warm and have the function of nourishing qi and nourishing qi, which can remove wind and dehumidify, and have a good effect on rheumatism and waist and leg pain.

Cherry tree roots also have a strong anthelmintic and insecticidal effect, which can drive off roundworms, roundworms, roundworms, etc.


Close astringent pain.

Folk experience shows that cherry can treat burns and scalds, gradually converge and relieve pain, and prevent the wound from foaming and purulent.

At the same time, cherry can also treat mild and severe frostbite.


Make up.

Cherries are rich in nutrients. They contain higher protein, sugar, phosphorus, carotene, and vitamin C than apples and pears, especially high in iron. Cherry juice is often used to rub the face and wrinkles, which can make the skin red and tender.Remove wrinkles and remove spots.