[Angelica porridge has some effect]_Recommended diet

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[Angelica porridge has some effect]_Recommended diet

Angelica porridge is a kind of porridge made by using the previous rice and red dates as the main ingredients and the appropriate amount of angelica.

In particular, the effect of replenishing qi and blood is relatively obvious. For people who are relatively weak, they can drink it appropriately. It has a good effect of nourishing qi, and it also has a role in relieving dysmenorrhea and avoiding irregular menstruation for women.

Women are prone to dysmenorrhea during the physiological period, which is likely to cause pale faces, which leads to a decline in female immunity and often causes insufficient blood and blood. Women are susceptible to bacterial infections and diseases during this period. Therefore, improving immunity during the physiological period isVery important, certain dietary effects are very obvious, and some angelica porridge is a good choice, which can improve women’s immunity and prevent dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.

When women eat Angelica porridge during the physiological period, it has the effect of clearing blood and nourishing blood, as well as the effect of warming the uterus, which can promote the development of pregnancy and have a certain breast enhancement effect.

For some people with poor immunity, it also has a good effect of nursed back to health. Especially the elderly friends have poor physical fitness and are often threatened by some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. At this time, it is appropriate to drink some angelica porridge to promote blood circulation.Prevent thrombosis, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

The preparation method of Angelica porridge is also relatively simple. Pick up about 15 grams of Angelica sinensis, soak it in warm water for a while, then add about 200 milliliters of water, boil over low heat and simmer for a while. Turn off the heat when there are 100 milliliters left., Then add one or two of the previous rice, then put five red dates, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, and then add 300 ml of water, boil in large water, cook slowly over low heat until the Angelica porridge is thicker, daily morning and eveningEat on an empty stomach.

Ten days is a course of treatment.

The above is a brief understanding of the efficacy of Angelica porridge. Angelica porridge has certain medicinal value because it is added to Angelica. It has a good effect of nourishing Qi and blood, and it can improve the body for people with poor physical fitness.Immunity, especially for women’s physiological period, has good health effects, can relieve dysmenorrhea, prevent irregular menstruation, and enhance the effect of nourishing blood and qi.