[How to remove chestnut thorns?

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】 _How to remove_How to remove

[How to remove chestnut thorns?
】 _How to remove_How to remove

Chestnut is a nutrient-rich dried fruit. It is supplemented with starch and protein. It is also rich in vitamin c and carotene. Some people in their lives are thinner and less resistant. Some people can eat more chestnutCan enhance the role of physical fitness, many other men have problems with kidney problems, these people are also good to eat chestnut, chestnut just lowered from the tree has spines on the top, the following teaches you how to remove chestnut removal.

How to remove chestnut thorns?
If the thorn is not pierced, disinfect it with alcohol and do not need to deal with it.

Keep the wound dry and hygienic, and avoid water loss at the wound to prevent infection.

However, if the thorn is stuck in the meat, it must be pulled out in time. It is recommended to handle it like this: 1. The medical adhesive tape is firmly attached to the thorned area, and then the adhesive tape is quickly removed, and the small thorns will be stuck.It’s on the paste, and it will be OK after repeated several times.

For safety, rinse the affected area with water and disinfect with iodophor.

2. If it is shallow, you can try to pick it out slowly after disinfecting with a needle yourself.

Squeeze your fingers tightly and pick it out with a needle (it won’t hurt if you squeeze it). After picking it out, there will be a little pain, just a moment later.

If you don’t pick it out, you will get pus and then it will hurt more.

3. The hand was pierced into the meat by chestnut. It was severe, punctured, and penetrated deeply. If you can’t do it yourself, you can go to the hospital to find a medical magnifying glass, and then use pliers to pull it out with the help of a doctor.
Be sure to take it out.

If the wound is deep, go to the hospital to break the cold shot.

4. In addition, you can eat more vitamin C vegetables in daily life to help wound healing.

Are chestnut thorns poisonous? Too many people are hit by chestnuts falling from the sky every year when they are picking chestnuts.

It’s a small thing to tie your hands, if it hurts your eyes with chestnut, it’s too dangerous.

The thorns outside the chestnut are hard, small, and toxic. After entering the eye, it is easy to pierce the cornea and even the crystals, causing infections, corneal ulcers, keratitis and endophthalmitis. There is a risk of blindness if not handled in time.

Therefore, when picking chestnut, wear protective glasses and a wide-brimmed hat, or a helmet.

“In the event of a stabbed eye, seek medical attention immediately and never rub it.

How to remove a small amount of chestnut thorn balls: The simplest way to replace the chestnut thorn shell with a small amount is to press one foot on one side and step the other on the other side. As soon as you press hard, the chestnut ball will crack and the chestnut will come out, of course.It’s a little tricky, so it’s easy to be proficient.

It is best to wear gloves to prevent thorns on the chestnut shell when you pick it up by hand.

Appropriate: When the quantity is not small, but it is not particularly large, people will choose to use a special kind of scissors for peeling chestnut stab balls, which are available on Taobao.

It is very convenient to use this to stab the ball, just pay attention to wear gloves when peeling.

Large amount: If the amount of chestnut is particularly large, you can consider buying related chestnut machinery and automatic sheller.

Chestnut burr balls have always been artificially shelled, which is very troublesome.

You’ll be punctured accidentally.

It is labor-intensive and labor-intensive. One person peels less than 10 kg of chestnut per hour. Due to insufficient labor, it is too late to peel the buds. Chestnuts cannot be sold on the market in time.

Chestnut stripping machine. This equipment can peel off the hard shell of chestnut and effectively remove the hard thorn shell on the outside of chestnut nuts. It can be directly peeled into the inside of the machine without boiling with water.

It completely replaces the manual hull removal process in the past, which is tedious and low yield.