Test your weaknesses in love

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Test your weaknesses in love

If one night you are very tired and do n’t know why you ca n’t sleep all the time, how would you spend this insomnia night in the following ways?

  1. Call and chat with others 2. Find things around the house to do 3. Continue to place on the bed and turn to the opposite side 4. Read a book 5. Make another cool analysis: 1. Call and chat with others. You only care about yourself when you do everything.Never think for others, you will make your lover unbearable, change your arbitrary character, and ask your partner for more opinions on things, it will make your lover feel more lovely.

  2. Continue to rotate on the bed to the opposite side. When there is a problem in life, you only know how to escape, and the same is true in love, because your dragging and pulling affects many people. After breaking up with your lover, there will still be breaks and ties.Do it if you want, love it if you want to love it, and you will never return when you slip away!

  3, looking for things around the house to do that unyielding character separates you from the crowd. When you fall in love, you are also abandoned because you are not willing to confess to the other party. Your only advantage is that you will not drag onNo more, as long as you find the person you want, you might as well get a lightning marriage!

  4. You are a very sane person when reading a book, but you are smart and wrong. You are careful about everything. On the road of love, because you are afraid of injury, you do not dare to use affection too much, which will not make your lover have.The feeling of being seen through is greatly diminished by your enthusiasm. In fact, being a human is sometimes confusing, and it is not bad.

  5. You will be a little nervous, but also a little clinging, and it will be difficult for others to adapt to your style of work. The same is true of your lovers. You have a lot of affection for him and a coldness for him, which makes him very confusedEven if you fall in love with him at first sight, he will be scared because of your erratic. You need to change the situation and control your emotions!